Astra’s Corner: Compassion Fatigue & Self-compassion

Old joke: Why does the FAA insist airlines remind passengers to put on their O2 masks first? Because for some reason, people still need to be reminded. Hardee harrrr… aaaaaah that’s sad. So, Compassion Fatigue: It’s a real thing, that real people get, and it *sucks* Like, if some of the Care Bears suddenly… Read More Astra’s Corner: Compassion Fatigue & Self-compassion

Astra’s Corner: Libertines & Psychology

I was in an interesting discussion today about why I love the Libertine movement, and how it pertains to the Freudian framework of psychology. Strap in your time machine, kids, let’s have a history lesson. You’ve probably seen enough historical fiction to understand that for a fairly long time Europe was ruled by monarchies, and… Read More Astra’s Corner: Libertines & Psychology