Astra’s Corner: Why I love “Christmas Time”

short answer: cultural appropriation. In highschool, when I was just discovering neopaganism on my 12.5k dial up AOL 3.0, my mother was church hopping around town. I asked her why she kept dragging me to services of so many subsets of Christianity, and she described her faith as “Methobapterian” (it’s since evolved into the “Unity”… Read More Astra’s Corner: Why I love “Christmas Time”

Winter Holidays, Part 7: Christmas

Depending on who you ask, Christmas can be about any number of things: Jesus, Santa, family, presents/giving, etc. In Christian tradition, it celebrates the day of Jesus’ birth (albeit not historically accurate, but ceremonially practiced). Whereas for most secular celebration it is when Santa Claus brings presents to good boys & girls around the world… Read More Winter Holidays, Part 7: Christmas

Winter Holidays Part 5: Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is celebrated under many names by many cultures, with a fair amount of commonalities and some intriguing differences. Yule/Yalda: You likely celebrate a bit of Yule without realizing it. A great number of Christmas traditions are taken from the pagan celebration: evergreen trees play a large role; holly, ivy, and mistletoe are… Read More Winter Holidays Part 5: Winter Solstice

Winter Holidays Part 4: Las Posadas

For Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, the Christmas festivities really get under way with the beginning of Las Posadas, which is a Catholic “novenario” (9 day celebration) that recreates the pilgrimage for a room for Joseph, Mary, and the soon-to-be-born Jesus in Bethlehem. Children put on mini plays where they plead with “inns” to give them room &… Read More Winter Holidays Part 4: Las Posadas